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Launched early in 2018, the National Healthy Soils Policy Network is a group of farmer-centered organizations that serve sustainable, organic, beginning, and/or family farmers.

The organizations work in their states to advance policies that support farmers and ranchers in using practices that improve soil health and have other climate and environmental health benefits.


Members understand the importance of using farmer-informed policy to scale up on-farm practices.


How The Network 



Policy Incubator

We share examples and approaches to using public policy and public funding that scale up the use of healthy soil practices and contribute to more resilient, healthy and just farming systems

Learning Laboratory

We share campaign strategies, stories, messaging and educational materials

Community Building

The Network enables organizers to build relationships which not only facilitate collaboration, but provide the kind of mutual support and encouragement which comes with community.

Shift the Conversation

We lift up farmer voices across the country to create a new narrative about the constructive role agriculture can play in addressing the climate crisis

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