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Amalie Lipstreu
Agriculture Conservation Regional Hub Director


Amalie has more than 25 years of public and social service experience, including a focus on agriculture and food systems starting in 2002 after receiving a Master of Environmental Policy from Kent State University. Most recently, she served as the Policy Director at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association beginning in 2014, advocating for state and federal policy to enable sustainable and organic farmers to thrive, and to increase the availability of local food to nourish communities and agricultural practices that protect and enhance our environment.  She also advocated for and subsequently directed the Ohio Food Policy Advisory Council and the Office of Sustainable Agriculture at the Ohio Department of Agriculture. She participates in and serves in leadership in state and national coalitions, including serving as the co-chair of the climate subcommittee of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.


Contact Amalie: amalie[at]

Dago Driggs
NHSPN Coordinator

Dago serves as a community organizer and environmental lobbyist working to promote regenerative agriculture, food sovereignty, pesticides reduction and climate justice. With over 10 years of experience in food and climate policy preceded by youth climate action organizing, he was a driving force behind the creation of the Massachusetts Healthy Soils Program (2021) and advised on the state’s Healthy Soils Action Plan (released 2023). He continues to be active in the Massachusetts legislative arena as the Policy Advisor to the Mass. Chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA/Mass). Before starting his policy career as a cofounder of Citizens for GMO Labeling in 2012, he earned a BS in biotechnology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. With roots in Rhode Island and Cuba, he now lives in rural Western Massachusetts with his family, where they cultivate medicine, healthy soils and pollinator habitats while building alliances toward cultural regeneration.

Contact Dago: dago[at]

Renata Brillinger
CalCAN Executive Director

Renata is the co-founder and Executive Director of the California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN), which coordinates the National Healthy Soils Policy Network. She has two decades of experience in sustainable agriculture policy and food systems projects and has held numerous non-profit administrative positions since 1992. Prior to CalCAN, she was Program Director at the Climate Protection Campaign, focused on renewable energy and on agriculture. For seven years she served as the Director of Californians for GE-Free Agriculture, a coalition of sustainable agriculture and environmental organizations that provided education on genetic engineering in agriculture. She serves on the steering committee of the Center for Sustainability at CalPoly University in San Luis Obispo and the advisory board of UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute.

Contact Renata: renata[at]

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