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“Given the appropriate tools, training and support is key to organizing and mobilizing farmers. We found that many individuals just lacked to confidence to approach and reach out to their legislators, once they had the appropriate support they were engaged and could certainly speak to the issues.”

    - NOFA-NY (Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY)


Every year, the Network provides small grants, skill-building training and peer coaching to members to cultivate farmer leaders to advance healthy soils policies.

“As a very small nonprofit, we don’t have other sources of funding for engaging with soil health policy and as far as we know, no other organizations are currently advocating for this policy in Kansas. Without this funding we likely would not be doing advocacy and education in this area.”

- Kansas Rural Center

2022 Healthy Soils and Climate Bills Championed & Passed by Our Membership


Resources provided by the Network supported farmer organizing activities that contributed to the passage of the following healthy soils and climate bills or budget allocations in 2022:

  • Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Illinois
    Won a state resolution (HJR0063 / SJR0044) to declare an Illinois “Soil Health Week,” and organized the week’s first ever virtual farmer-led events. Secured $68 million in funding to incentivize healthy soils practices.

  • MFAI
    Built a diverse coalition of growers and advocates that helped champion SB677 / AB727; bills that established better cover crop insurance premium rates, totaling $400K/yr in available funds.

    Won funding increases in FY 2022-23 for two bills (S4722A / A5386A) involving two state programs that provide resources for soil health practices (from $15.5 million to $31.25 million).

  • PASA
    Updated a never-implemented 1992 Sustainable Agriculture Act to address and fund soil health practices, research, and education within two state departments.

  • Vermont Collaborative
    Won a $1 million budget allocation in FY2023 for continuing to develop a Payment for Ecosystem Services program that the Collaborative champions and informs.

  • Waterkeepers Chesapeake Fair Farms Program
    Worked with their farmer advisory council to win passage of the Climate Solutions Now Act, including $500K for their Healthy Soils Program.

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